Load Cells & Tension Readouts

MAGPOWR Load Cells are extremely accurate devices used to indicate tension in all types of unwinds, rewinds and intermediate web processing. Each load cell is ruggedly constructed with built-in mechanical overload stops in both force directions. A full Wheatstone bridge arrangement of four foil strain gauges in also incorporated into each load cell for the most accurate means of measuring web tension, and all load cells incorporate a dual beam construction design to insure linear output under all loading conditions.

Products Include:

  • MAGPOWR TS Load CellsMAGPOWR TS Load Cells

    These rugged load cells are extremely accurate devices used to measure tension in any unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing application. The unique low profile design minimizes space requirements inside the machine frames, thus maximizing the potential for web width.

  • Global Pillow Block Load CellsMAGPOWR Global Load Cells

    Two GTS Load Cells should be used, one for each side of the sensing roll, thereby accurately measuring the total web tension force acting on the roll, independent of web width or location. The flexible cable connector eliminates the need for left and right models, as each GTS load cell can be mounted on either side of the machine.

  • CL Cantilevered Load CellsMAGPOWR CL Cantilevered Load Cells

    MAGPOWR’s CL Cantilever Load Cells are designed to support cantilevered idler rolls in processing machines that have just one side frame. They then accurately measure and control tension in a narrow moving web and are typically used on paper, film, foil, wire, fiber, fabrics or any materials used in the label, tag, tape, printing or converting industry.

  • TSU Under Pillow Block Load CellsMAGPOWR TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells

    Ruggedly constructed to stand up to mill duty and with built-in mechanical overload stops in both force directions, MAGPOWR’s TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells can be bolted under your present roll support bearings and they will accurately measure the tension forces on the machine sensing the rol

  • LC-500GS1 & LC-500G Low Tension Load Cells for Single Stand ApplicationsMAGPOWR Low Tension Load Cells

    Lightweight single strand applications including wire, fiber optics and filament textiles face the requirements of tension measurement. For various reasons, lighter, thinner, finer materials are now demanded, and manufacturers require tension controls that can help facilitate those demands.

  • DTR-65 Digital Tension ReadoutDigital Tension Readout MAGPOWR DTR-65

    The DTR-65 is an easy choice when needing a tension displayed on a machine panel with the option to also output a tension reference to a drive or PLC for remotely displaying or controlling tension.

  • MAGPOWR Digital Load Cell Amplifiers

    The new Digital Load Cell Amplifier (DLCA) is a low-cost, yet powerful and versatile DIN rail mounted digital amplifier.

  • TSA and LCA Load Cell AmplifiersMAGPOWR Load Cell Amplifiers

    When performance matters, the TSA and LCA Load Cell Amplifiers from MAGPOWR are head and shoulders above the competition, especially in the areas of drift and linear performance. These load cell amplifiers can measure tension in any moving web, wire, or strand.

  • IS-2 Intrinsically Safe Load Cell AmplifierMAGPOWR Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier

    Safety is the key to any operation, that’s why the MAGPOWR IS-2 Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier is so valuable and important. The Model IS-2 amplifier provides intrinsically safe circuitry for UL Listed MAGPOWR load cells.

  • TR-5 Tension ReadoutMAGPOWR Analog Tension Readout

    MAGPOWR’s TR-5 Tension Readout is accurate and versatile, as it can be used on any non-driven idler roll or at any position where the wrap angle of the web or strand does not change. Each load cell contains four foil type strain gages bonded to a sensing beam.

  • Digital Tension Meter (DTM)MAGPOWR Digital Tension Meter

    A low-cost way to monitor tension output, the Digital Tension Meter (DTM) is perfect for applications where access to tension control parameters is not required. Operators can mount a control away from the web to get feedback on current web tension via a backlit display and illuminated digits.

  • UL and CE Approved

    We value your safety and want to help you maintain process lines of the highest standards. That's why we go the extra step to ensure that many of our products are UL approved and CE certified.