Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

Magnetic Particle Brakes and Clutches

Magnetic Particle brakes and clutches utilize the latest materials and components, modern CNC manufacturing techniques and a sleek design, making them the first choice of engineers designing machines or retrofits. Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability, and torque independent of speed make this technology ideal for many power transmission and tensioning applications.

A variety of designs are available including C Series, Global Series, B Series and Sofstep, each with a range of sizes to suit virtually any application.

Products Include:

  • Magnetic Particle Clutches for Tension and Torque ControlMAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Clutch

    Given the scores of variables associated with any web processing operation, the last thing you want to worry about is a clutch. Thanks to the reliability and long life of the MAGPOWR C Series Magnetic Particle Clutch, an operator can mount this component, set it up and forget it. This magnetic particle clutch is cost-effective and provides silent operation, making it ideal for cycling and overload applications.

  • Global Series Magnetic Particle ClutchMAGPOWR Global Series Clutches

    Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability and torque independent of speed make these clutches suitable for many power transmission and tensioning applications. Long life is assured by polished seal surfaces, high temperature materials and rugged, compact construction.

  • Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes MAGPOWR Global Series Brakes

    Versatility and flexibility are the real benefits found in MAGPOWR’s Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes, as they provide smooth, repeatable, controllable torque independent of speed. This makes them suitable for all kinds of power transmission and tensioning applications.

  • B Series Magnetic Particle BrakesMAGPOWR B Series Magnetic Particle Brakes

    B Series Shaft Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes give operators exactly what they want: high-quality, dependable performance with no headaches. The magnetic particle brake is an inherently simple, durable device. They are easy to install, made of rugged cast iron for long life and have minimal moving parts, meaning the brakes can be mounted and start performing immediately.

  • B7V and B20V Vertical Magnetic Particle BrakesMAGPOWR B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes

    Unlike other magnetic particle brakes, a horizontal axis is not required for shafts utilizing MAGPOWR's B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes, thanks in particular to the unit’s disk-shaped rotor. Other brakes sport cylindrical designs, requiring a horizontal shaft axis. The B-7V & B-20V operate with the axis vertical, horizontal, or at any other required angle—the space between the rotor and the two sides is filled with magnetic particles, so the unit can be operated in any orientation.

  • Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle BrakesMAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes

    Transform your reliable, durable, foot-mounted MAGPOWR C Series Clutches into brakes with the addition of a simple locking bracket. The unit can be adapted by installing a locking bracket on an existing foot-mounted clutch, or by simply ordering a factory-converted unit.

  • SOFSTEP Magnetic Particle Clutches and BrakesMAGPOWR SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

    Torque is the power behind tension control, but it’s useless if there’s no regulation or guidance. The original SOFSTEP brakes with MAGPOWR controls are popular throughout the industry because of the smooth controllable torque they provide for power transmission and tension applications.

  • PS-24 and PS-90 Power Supply UnitsMAGPOWR 24 or 90 VDC Power Supply for Clutches and Brakes

    Complete control is the goal of any operation utilizing brakes and clutches. MAGPOWR’s PS-24 & PS-90 Power Supplies provide a small amount of reverse current circuitry as a standard feature to minimize the drag torque of a clutch/brake, allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range.

  • TC-5 and TC-5P Current Regulated Power SupplyMAGPOWR 90 VDC Power Supply for Clutches and Brakes

    Dependable current-regulated power supplies are imperative for the proper operation of all magnetic particle clutches and brakes, and MAGPOWR’s are no different. The MAGPOWR TC-5 is a solid state current regulated 90 VDC power supply.

  • Cooling options for magnetic particle clutches and brakesCooling Options for MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes

    Used under slip conditions, MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes generate significant heat that must be dissipated. Often, that heat is dispersed via that model’s convection cooling ability.

  • UL and CE Approved

    We value your safety and want to help you maintain process lines of the highest standards. That's why we go the extra step to ensure that many of our products are UL approved and CE certified.


  • Sizing Software

    Not sure which brake or clutch is right for your application? Download this interactive tool to find the best fit.