Pneumatic Brakes

Air Brakes for Tension Control

MAGPOWR has a history of providing pneumatic brakes that ensure consistent tension on unwind applications. The Smart Brake couples proven pneumatic braking technique with a sleek design that allows for easy operation and preventative maintenance. Features of this brake are toolless pad change and pad wear detection.
The High Efficiency Brake (HEB) is a low-cost option to the Smart Brake. It fits a significant amount of torque and heat dissipation in a very small package.

Products Include:

  • MAGPOWR High Efficiency Brake (HEB250)

    The MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces higher torque at cooler brake pad temperatures.

  • MAGPOWR Smart BrakeMAGPOWR Smart Brake

    Minimum maintenance with maximum results is the hallmark of the Smart Brake, thanks to its predictive and toolless maintenance features. The brake includes a pad wear indicator and heat detection, resulting in reduced downtime with consistent, high-quality rolls.

  • UL and CE Approved

    We value your safety and want to help you maintain process lines of the highest standards. That's why we go the extra step to ensure that many of our products are UL approved and CE certified.